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Mother, are you tired? Worn? Tired of running in circles trying to figure out what you wish someone had told you?

Perhaps life has not been so kind to you and you are left with a gaping hole where a mother was supposed to be…Maybe you never had the mother God designed you to need, or maybe, like me, your mother was called home sooner than you would have liked.

Friend, you are not alone!

Hi! My name is Mandy Boogaard and I’m so glad you are here! I am a wife, homeschool mom to teen daughters, business owner, and daughter of the King of Kings. Join me here on my slice of the web as I explore what it means to arise as a mother for God’s people.

In Judges 4-5 we learn about Deborah. She was one of the first judges for the Israelites. They had messed up and were under the rule of a Canaanite king whose army ruthlessly oppressed the entire nation. Deborah was a prophetess and the people would go to her to solve their disputes.

One day, God told Deborah it was time to take action. God was going to deliver them from their opression. In Judges 5:7 it says, “Deborah arose as a mother for Israel.” You see, just like when Joshua led the nation into the Promised Land, this deliverance would require action from God’s people. But, this time, He chose to use a mother figure to gently, but firmly nudge the Israelites back to Him.

Sometimes, it takes a mother to rise up and help form the vision of a leader. This is exactly what Deborah did for the nation of Israel. She challenged them to be all that they could be. She saw things in them they weren’t able to see yet. Deborah became the “mama bear” that will fight vigorously to protect her offspring, even going into the battle alongside the men.

God is calling us today, as women, to rise up “as a mother” just as Deborah did for Israel.

It doesn’t mean trying to be a man or do the things that men do. No, God is calling His daughters to be Fierce, Feminine and Follow Him. I’m learning to step into my calling as a daughter of the Most High King. Will you join me as I explore all that that entails?

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